When Do I Need To Do An Alignment?

You may fail to realize it right away. In that when you’re behind your car’s wheel more and more, you’ll begin noticing that something isn’t fairly right as you’ll be floating in one course or another. Thus meaning your car’s steering is off. If your vehicle drifts in one direction, and you have to turn the wheel away from the middle position to keep your vehicle going straight down the road that’s a definite sign that it requires a wheel alignment. It may be the result of hitting pothole or striking a curb.  Advanced Auto Repair Vista brings you the following list of things you can check yourself before you bring your car to a mechanic.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Before you proceed to a service center or repair shop to get your car’s wheel aligned a task that usually costs about sixty to hundred dollars for most cars, it would be an excellent idea for you to check the pressure of your tire. Tires that aren’t sufficiently inflated may also be the reason for a vehicle’s wheel to pull in one direction.  It is a good idea to rule this out first.

Check For Tire Wear

You may also want to check your tires to spot if there are any indications of unusual tire wear like the tread wearing off through an edge. That’s another indication of an alignment problem. However, it may be difficult to differentiate normal from immoderate wear. Therefore unless you’re well drilled in “Tireology,” you should avoid jumping into conclusions.


Quivers in your wheels are unrelated to alignment issues. Quivers are probably occasioned by wheels being bent or out of balance (potholes may cause that) or because some parts of the suspension are worn out, and having your wheels positioned won’t resolve those issues.

The Alignment Process

Some cars do require their front wheels be aligned. However numerous vehicle-based models need four-wheel adjustment. Alignment descriptions vary by motor vehicles and aren’t as straight forward as making sure all four wheels are pointed directly ahead.

The cost of an alignment service is less that the cost of a new set of tires and if you are questioning your car’s alignment, have it checked by an expert.  You will be glad you did.