How to Survive Driving in the City

The best way to survive driving in the city is simply not drive in the city. Walk or use a monorail, join the mass society in having everything automated for you so that you can just go through life watching cute cat videos on your phone while civilization burns and robots replace humanity. One day teleportation devices will be invented and traffic will finally disappear and we will tell our children of the dark times when Los Angeles, New York, Houston, London, and Moscow were all congested by traffic caused by exhaust breathing metallic beasts…ok maybe not, but it is still important to be careful while driving through the narrow crisscrossing streets of major cities.  Auto Repair Las Vegas would like to share the following tips.


Know where you need to go

One important make sure you know where you are going. Decide where you want to drive to and how you are going to get there. If you know exactly how to get there, there will be no surprise signals or lane changes or turning into alleys that turn out to be dead ends. If you do a little extra research, you can also figure out where you need to go in order to park. Once you get there you can have a lovely evening in the exciting, progressive city.


Watch the Cars around you

In cities, people can often be distracted or stressed. This remains the case while they are driving.  The cars are also really close together in city streets so it is really easy to veer close to another car and collide with it. You also need to be careful by making lane changes because a seemingly calm lane can quickly become very busy. Be aware of your surroundings and remember that the cars near you are not separated by force fields.


Choose a Lane and Marry It

When you are on a country road or an empty freeway out in the countryside, it is easy to change lanes in order to get in the faster lane. It is also effortless, almost, to make a last minute lane change. In the city it isn’t as easy. Cars are always around you and you have to be very careful as you choose to change lanes. As a result it is best just to choose the lane which will get you to your destination and stay in it until you arrive safely.


Double Check Parking Rules

Parking, or more accurately, lack thereof in cities, is an epidemic that plagues all major cities and metropolises in the age of the automobile. Other countries do not have it as bad since most of their parking rules are relaxed and you could probably park in your neighbors’ front lawn if they let you. In the United States, this is not the case. Parking regulations tend to be rather strict and are not always clearly articulated on signs. Thus make sure to carefully read all parking signs so that you know where you are allowed to park so that you don’t get cited, towed, or worse.


Make sure your vehicle is secure

Cities are crowded, and the higher the population, the higher the crime rate. Therefore make sure that your vehicle is locked and that you don’t have any belongings visible in the window, place them somewhere where they are out of sight.

Lastly, there are good things about living in a city.

Everything is close. Things are always happening, theaters, shows, public lectures, etc. Also you have a large range of place where you can go to eat, shop, or do for a walk through parks. Large cities are places where you do not have to drive a car everywhere, but if you do happen to need your car, make sure that you drive safely.  And if you need a trusted Auto Repair shop in Las Vegas, Give us a call.