My car has a strange odor, what can I do?

Have you ever gotten into your car and noticed it had a strange odor?  Or had someone tell you, often a child, why does the car smell bad?  Before you mask the odor with an freshener you will want to identify the source.   Walkers Automotive brings you the following guidelines show how to check for odors in your car or vehicle and solutions to these issues.

  1. Check for any spilled food under the seats or groceries that may have rolled into the seat cabinets. Often especially when we carry children along, they can spill food on the car and if not cleaned it will develop unpleasant smell same to vegetables that rolled under the seats and unnoticed.
  2. Check for gas leakages in the car. When you hear some strong gas smells it is important you find the source as soon as possible. Use of stuck injectors, Leaky fuel lines, failed fuel pressure and gas regulators, and other gas related issues can all lead to fuel or gas leakages that cause a dumb gas smell from the engine.
  3. Check if you have an oil leak in your car. This is the case when you here the smell of a burning oil. When oil drips into hot part of the engine system like an exhaust it burns and develop a bad smell. You will notice a blue smoke from the exhaust if the leak is intensive. You can control this by repairing the leaking regions.
  4. When you smell a musty associated smell, then there is presence of water pools or water is getting to the wrong place. Window seals or doors that leak that might allow water to get in and pool. This develops a moldy smells especially when the water pools at the carpeting or wet seats.
  5. Catalytic converter failure. This device converts the exhaust gases to less harmful gases before emitting to the atmosphere. When it fails the car atmosphere smells like a rotten egg. To rectify this you have to change or replace the catalytic converter and fix it appropriately.
  6. Check the condition of the lubricants. Often for most manual transmissions the lubricants age and at this stage they develop a sulfur smell; this is the case when it leaks to other parts of the car system. To rectify this you replace the lubricants if it is old and prevent all leakages.
  7. Check the air filter of your car for any form of dirt. Accumulation of dirt in the air filter prevents its effectiveness. The purpose of the air filter is to clean the air that you breathe in and the one used as a jacket for cooling engine system. Remove the dirt and replace the filter if worn out or non-functional.
  8. Check the braking system and the clutch of your classic car. The brake pads may have been heated or the clutch cable. Because it has rubber pads, it will have some bad smell that resembles that of burnt polythene or tire. Replace the rubber pads with the new ones to remove the smell and maintain the braking system of your car.
  9. Check under the seats and inside the car engine area for dead animals such as rats.

After performing all these operations and find that the smell persists then spray the suspected area high-pressure washer to remove the odor.  Then the air freshener will get your car back to it’s best condition.