Main Causes of Tire Damage

Tires to a car are like legs to a human, without them, you don’t go anywhere. Because of this it is imperative that you care for your tires and know what causes the most damage. Here is a list of the most common causes of tire wear.

Over inflation and under inflation can both have deleterious effects on the efficiency and longevity of the tires. Under inflation results in too much heat from friction which causes the outer rubber to waste away like the skin of a zombie. Over-inflation on the other hand can result in a loss of traction. It is thus always important to make sure that the car tires are properly inflated not too much and not too little.

When a car regularly travels at high speeds it hits speed bumps, potholes, roadkill, and potential roadkill among other obstacles much with much greater force which can cause more damage and deformation to the tires. As a result, it is important to not go too fast on a road where there are a lot of potential obstacles.

Tires are not ageless immortals, they do wear out with age can become more fragile over time. Most tires do come with the month and the year that they were manufactured. As a result, it is good to check. Generally it is not advised that one use tires that are more than five years old.

Another common cause of tire damage is just neglect. If the tires are not regularly rotated, inflated, and otherwise checked then they will accumulate damage unnoticed until one day you have a flat tire on the highway while running from bandits on a highway. Come to and we will take of your car.