Importance of Transmission Fluid

Imagine, you are running from an army of giant evil bats intent on capturing you and devouring you after they sacrifice you to their leader and god which is a dragon named Arrl’zbek (don’t worry, being able to pronounce its name is not pertinent to this article). You get into your car and start the engine. You step on the gas but the car doesn’t move. The bats now break through window grab you with their sword sized claws and you’re history.

What happened? Well, what might have happened is that you were dreaming and cat scratched you. What might have also happened is that you ran out of transmission fluid. The purpose of transmission fluid is allow the transmission to place pressure on the wheels to make them move. Transmission fluid is thus the animating force of the car, at least when it comes to turning the wheels. Without the transmission fluid, it will not be possible to apply the necessary pressure to get the car moving. Transmission fluid does not to be replaced as often as oil, but it does need to be replaced since if it runs out the car will not move.

If you think that your transmission fluid is running low, come to BMW Repair and our technicians will make sure that that the transmission and other fluids are all replenished so that you will be equipped to take on the forces of evil and their leathery, winged foot soldiers.