My car has a strange odor, what can I do?

Have you ever gotten into your car and noticed it had a strange odor?  Or had someone tell you, often a child, why does the car smell bad?  Before you mask the odor with an freshener you will want to identify the source.   Walkers Automotive brings you the following guidelines show how to check for odors in your car or vehicle and solutions to these issues.

  1. Check for any spilled food under the seats or groceries that may have rolled into the seat cabinets. Often especially when we carry children along, they can spill food on the car and if not cleaned it will develop unpleasant smell same to vegetables that rolled under the seats and unnoticed.
  2. Check for gas leakages in the car. When you hear some strong gas smells it is important you find the source as soon as possible. Use of stuck injectors, Leaky fuel lines, failed fuel pressure and gas regulators, and other gas related issues can all lead to fuel or gas leakages that cause a dumb gas smell from the engine.
  3. Check if you have an oil leak in your car. This is the case when you here the smell of a burning oil. When oil drips into hot part of the engine system like an exhaust it burns and develop a bad smell. You will notice a blue smoke from the exhaust if the leak is intensive. You can control this by repairing the leaking regions.
  4. When you smell a musty associated smell, then there is presence of water pools or water is getting to the wrong place. Window seals or doors that leak that might allow water to get in and pool. This develops a moldy smells especially when the water pools at the carpeting or wet seats.
  5. Catalytic converter failure. This device converts the exhaust gases to less harmful gases before emitting to the atmosphere. When it fails the car atmosphere smells like a rotten egg. To rectify this you have to change or replace the catalytic converter and fix it appropriately.
  6. Check the condition of the lubricants. Often for most manual transmissions the lubricants age and at this stage they develop a sulfur smell; this is the case when it leaks to other parts of the car system. To rectify this you replace the lubricants if it is old and prevent all leakages.
  7. Check the air filter of your car for any form of dirt. Accumulation of dirt in the air filter prevents its effectiveness. The purpose of the air filter is to clean the air that you breathe in and the one used as a jacket for cooling engine system. Remove the dirt and replace the filter if worn out or non-functional.
  8. Check the braking system and the clutch of your classic car. The brake pads may have been heated or the clutch cable. Because it has rubber pads, it will have some bad smell that resembles that of burnt polythene or tire. Replace the rubber pads with the new ones to remove the smell and maintain the braking system of your car.
  9. Check under the seats and inside the car engine area for dead animals such as rats.

After performing all these operations and find that the smell persists then spray the suspected area high-pressure washer to remove the odor.  Then the air freshener will get your car back to it’s best condition.

Why is my car burning oil?

Has this ever happened to you? You are driving down the road and start smelling something burning. You look in your rear view mirror and see blue smoke. When you stop at the nearest gas station to check the oil level, it seems okay.  San Francisco BMW Repair suggests that there could be many reasons, here are the top three.

Leaking Oil

When you pull the dipstick again at home, you find that the level is lower than it should be. It confirms that your car is burning oil, but why?   One possible reason is that oil is leaking somewhere, possibly from a worn or broken seal, and dripping on a hot engine component, such as a valve cover or the exhaust manifold. Once the oil touches those, you begin to smell something burning.

Another indicator is black puddles gathering under your car or bluish smoke seeping from under the hood. It is a common phenomenon for cars due to age or simple wear and tear.

Broken Seal

A second possibility is oil entering the combustion chamber due to faulty or damaged piston rings. When these or the cylinder head valves can’t create a good enough seal, oil sneaks past and gets burned up along with the gasoline. That too gives off a burning smell, but the blue smoke will exit through the exhaust pipe at the back of the car. That can tell you where the problem is.

If the blue smoke appears while you are accelerating, then the problem is the piston rings. If it shows up while you are decelerating, then it is most likely the cylinder head valves at fault.

PVC Valve

The third suspect is a worn Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve. When this valve is working properly, it keeps prevents gas buildup in the crankcase by expelling it. When the PCV valve is not working or wears out, that same gas gets a chance to increase until it puts pressure on the gaskets keeping the oil out. Once the oil gets past those gaskets, it is burned off, giving you the burning smell and blue smoke.

The best way to get the problem fixed depends entirely on what the cause is. Some of the leaking seals and gaskets can be fixed with a simple additive to replenish them. If that fix doesn’t work, the leak is major, or if the oil is coming from somewhere else, then you want to have a mechanic fix your vehicle. What may seem like a minor issue now can easily become a bigger and more expensive problem later.

Top 10 DIY Auto Tools You Should Own To Do Your Own Maintenance


BMW Repair Detroit we know some people want to do some of their own repairs.  Having the correct tool on hand makes any job easier to perform.   Here is a list of the top 10 DIY auto tools you should own if you are going to do your own auto maintenance.  

  1. Open – ended or crescent wrench set . These wrenches are also available in standard and metric measurements. They allow you to turn nuts and bolts that are in hard – to – reach places. They are also available in a combination type that is open on one end and has a ratcheting function on the other end.
  2. Screwdriver set. Get yourself a combination screwdriver set. The set will have straight edge/slotted as well as Phillips (cross – pattern) of different sizes. The difference in quality here will come down to the handles as well as the hardness of the tips.
  3. Rubber mallet. You will use this tool to force a stubborn part if you need to move or remove it and because his rubber it will not damage the part.
  4. Pliers set. Get yourself a pliers set. You should be able to find a set with varying sized handles as well as varied tips or noses. You use these for grabbing, cutting, pinching, and gripping. Make sure the set has needle – nosed pliers as well. These are invaluable.
  5. Tongue and groove pliers. This type of pliers are also known as channel – locks. This type of pliers allows you to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts of varying sizes.
  6. Plastic non – marring tools. These types of tools allow you to pry and leverage parts that would normally be damaged by metal tools such as screwdrivers. You commonly use these on the interior of your vehicle, such as when removing an interior door panel.
  7. Safety glasses or goggles. Protective eyewear is very important. It doesn’t matter what style you choose, just make sure that you have them. There aren’t too many things worse than working under a vehicle and having dirt and grime drop into your eye. They will also protect you from flying objects such as tools and tiny car parts.
  8. Multipurpose lubricant. This is used when you need to loosen stubborn or seized nuts and bolts. It penetrates metal to metal contact. It also stops squeaks and drives out moisture.
  9. Anti – seize lubricant. This is used on the threads of screws and bolts to prevent the metal parts from seizing. This will allow an installed screw or bolt to be easily removed later. This will save you a lot of time and effort while performing maintenance on commonly replaced parts.
  10. Brake parts cleaner. It isn’t only utilized in cleaning the brake parts as the name sounds, is utilized in cleaning anything else with an automotive grease and grime on it.

Benefit Of using Seat Covers vs Getting Your Vehicle Seats Re-covered

Getting covers for your car seats is an alternative that may come in handy when considering changing the upholstery of your car’s interior. Instead of installing new seat upholstery which may require new foam, fabric and batting, you get covers that you either tie on or slip over your car seats. According to BMW Repair Baltimore seat covers come with a lot of benefits that make the entire driving experience more enjoyable.

Seat Covers

Using seat covers in your car protects your original seats from everyday wear and tear that may be caused by a variety of things such as the sun’s beams which cause original seats to fade. They also protect from damage by spilled food or beverages. They come in handy when you travel a lot with children or pets. This keeps your car seats looking great and helps retain their value.

Seat covers are washable and easy to maintain, keeping your car’s interior clean and fresh. All you need is to take them out, clean them and put them back! They offer additional comfort to users and give a touch of style to the interior of the car. Some seat covers offer heating capabilities that give warmth on cold days. In hot weather, they absorb heat and sweat, especially in the case of leather seats. Others come with added seat padding and memory foam for added cushion and back support. With seat covers, you can make choices on color, fabric and style that suit your taste. You can even change the look of your car’s interior as regularly as you want with very little effort if you have more than one set of covers.

Seats Re-Covered

Getting your vehicle seats re-covered can be quite costly compared to simply getting seat covers. When getting the seats re-upholstered, unless you have the skills required, you will incur costs in labor as you will require professional assistance for the installation, and in materials that will be needed. This might be a time consuming affair especially with the need to make sure that the new upholstery fits well and does not move around. With the requirements of just buying and slipping or tying on your car seat, seat covers come at much less cost and effort.

Most seat covers are durable and easy to care for, which simplifies the maintenance of your car’s interior.

If seat covers are used from the moment of a car’s purchase, the very need to have the seats re-covered is made away with as the covers will protect the original seats from any sort of damage, keeping them looking new and in pristine condition.

3 Tires Features That Affect Your Fuel Economy

It is not new for vehicle owners to look for efficient ways to save fuel with the steady increase of oil price happening all over the world. Fuel cost is not a joke thus, it is wise to look for ways to save and make the most out of the fuel in our tanks. Engine size and power has a big effect on the usage of fuel. Accessories, how we step on that accelerator, the manner we drive and sometimes some accessories also contribute in the usage of fuel. Although this is true, there are also other factors we could consider to save gasoline.

But can tires save gas? Yes. Although they don’t really have a great significance when it comes to how our pumps roll, it has an effect on our consumption of gasoline. Do you know that road types, rolling resistance, our tire’s inflation, and its design and condition has a relative effect in our fuel consumption? Here are tips that may enlighten you to give more attention and taking care of your tires to save fuel.

Traction Counts

Every time we step on that accelerator, our engine works and eats gasoline to counter that resistance on the ground so our vehicle could move forward. The more resistance the road exerts, the more fuel our engine consumes. This is known as the tire rolling resistance. Tires with less traction and rolling resistance are known to be more fuel thrifty. This may be where those old tires come in handy. However, it is also not advised to use those tires with balding treads because it may be easy to slip on certain roads.

Air Pressure

All tires have a recommended range for air pressure. Its inflation also depends on the vehicle you drive. Check on your door latch for the recommended air pressure for both your front and rear tires. Make sure they are even. Because if not, it may lead to flexing, stress build up on your tires that increases fuel use. To avoid uneven tire air pressure, make sure to check your tires regularly.

Tire Treads

You can save more fuel from your older tires. Why is this so? Because treads are more pronounced on your newer tires compared to when you have used it midway. The thicker the treads are, the more rolling resistance there is. And as it thins down, the more it becomes fuel-efficient because there will be less traction against the ground. So, the more your treads wear down, the more fuel efficient it becomes.

It is always helpful to do research. Talk to your local mechanic about your tires. In this economy we face, saving 2% of fuel from your monthly consumption can be a big help in saving.

How to Survive Driving in the City

The best way to survive driving in the city is simply not drive in the city. Walk or use a monorail, join the mass society in having everything automated for you so that you can just go through life watching cute cat videos on your phone while civilization burns and robots replace humanity. One day teleportation devices will be invented and traffic will finally disappear and we will tell our children of the dark times when Los Angeles, New York, Houston, London, and Moscow were all congested by traffic caused by exhaust breathing metallic beasts…ok maybe not, but it is still important to be careful while driving through the narrow crisscrossing streets of major cities.  Auto Repair Las Vegas would like to share the following tips.


Know where you need to go

One important make sure you know where you are going. Decide where you want to drive to and how you are going to get there. If you know exactly how to get there, there will be no surprise signals or lane changes or turning into alleys that turn out to be dead ends. If you do a little extra research, you can also figure out where you need to go in order to park. Once you get there you can have a lovely evening in the exciting, progressive city.


Watch the Cars around you

In cities, people can often be distracted or stressed. This remains the case while they are driving.  The cars are also really close together in city streets so it is really easy to veer close to another car and collide with it. You also need to be careful by making lane changes because a seemingly calm lane can quickly become very busy. Be aware of your surroundings and remember that the cars near you are not separated by force fields.


Choose a Lane and Marry It

When you are on a country road or an empty freeway out in the countryside, it is easy to change lanes in order to get in the faster lane. It is also effortless, almost, to make a last minute lane change. In the city it isn’t as easy. Cars are always around you and you have to be very careful as you choose to change lanes. As a result it is best just to choose the lane which will get you to your destination and stay in it until you arrive safely.


Double Check Parking Rules

Parking, or more accurately, lack thereof in cities, is an epidemic that plagues all major cities and metropolises in the age of the automobile. Other countries do not have it as bad since most of their parking rules are relaxed and you could probably park in your neighbors’ front lawn if they let you. In the United States, this is not the case. Parking regulations tend to be rather strict and are not always clearly articulated on signs. Thus make sure to carefully read all parking signs so that you know where you are allowed to park so that you don’t get cited, towed, or worse.


Make sure your vehicle is secure

Cities are crowded, and the higher the population, the higher the crime rate. Therefore make sure that your vehicle is locked and that you don’t have any belongings visible in the window, place them somewhere where they are out of sight.

Lastly, there are good things about living in a city.

Everything is close. Things are always happening, theaters, shows, public lectures, etc. Also you have a large range of place where you can go to eat, shop, or do for a walk through parks. Large cities are places where you do not have to drive a car everywhere, but if you do happen to need your car, make sure that you drive safely.  And if you need a trusted Auto Repair shop in Las Vegas, Give us a call.

Importance of Transmission Fluid

Imagine, you are running from an army of giant evil bats intent on capturing you and devouring you after they sacrifice you to their leader and god which is a dragon named Arrl’zbek (don’t worry, being able to pronounce its name is not pertinent to this article). You get into your car and start the engine. You step on the gas but the car doesn’t move. The bats now break through window grab you with their sword sized claws and you’re history.

What happened? Well, what might have happened is that you were dreaming and cat scratched you. What might have also happened is that you ran out of transmission fluid. The purpose of transmission fluid is allow the transmission to place pressure on the wheels to make them move. Transmission fluid is thus the animating force of the car, at least when it comes to turning the wheels. Without the transmission fluid, it will not be possible to apply the necessary pressure to get the car moving. Transmission fluid does not to be replaced as often as oil, but it does need to be replaced since if it runs out the car will not move.

If you think that your transmission fluid is running low, come to BMW Repair and our technicians will make sure that that the transmission and other fluids are all replenished so that you will be equipped to take on the forces of evil and their leathery, winged foot soldiers.

Importance of Routine Maintenance of Automobiles

The automobile is the embodiment of individual autonomy and freedom. You can go anywhere you wish as long as there is enough gas. You are not confined by public transportation and distance is made less tyrannical since you can drive much farther than you can walk in a given amount of time. If the car breaks down however, this freedom is lost and you are suddenly imprisoned by distance, public transportation and the leviathan state the runs said public transportation, ok maybe not the last part about the state, but your freedom of movement is curtailed by your car breaking down, thus it is important to regularly check your car. Auto Repair Austin can take care of that so that you remain free to drive to work, school, vacation, and other places.

Oil is the life blood of the car. If it runs out, the car become crippled by friction, heat, creaking sounds, and other bad things. Thus, it is good to get the oil changed every few thousand miles to ensure that it is well lubricated with fresh oil.

Regularly fixing and replacing the tires are also important. Tires should be regularly rotated to ensure a uniform wear and tear. The treads should also be check to make sure that they are robust so that the car has traction. Also making sure that they are filled helps. These check-ups should be done every few thousand miles. And every few years tires should be replaced. If you need any tire repairs, our business is at your service to repair your tires and give you the keys to infinity.

Oil is not the only fluid the courses the car like blood or lymph. There is also transmission fluid, radiator fluid, anti-freeze, steering fluid. All of these do run out from time to time so it is a good idea to keep track of the quantity of these fluids and regularly replace them. Again, Auto Repair Austin will be happy to assist you.

Importance of the check engine light!

The majority of the car owners have always been fascinated by how their vehicles develop problems.


Numerous studies in the recent past have led to invention best ways of identifying problems in vehicles. A Check Engine Light Scan tool had to be invented to fix the problem. This is an electronic equipment used majorly to diagnose and reprogramming of vehicle modules. The existence of many manufacturers has resulted in the manufacture of some of this equipment. It had been known in the past that people had to visit technicians to fix their car problems. However, with the recent discoveries, the problem can be identified and fixed on the spot by the car owner.


The old system was very inefficient. The type of scanners that were being used proved to be time-consuming. The system involved such scanners like Snap-On “brick,” OTCSPX, Autel, Launch, Vetronixamong many others depending on the manufactures. To eliminate such inefficiencies present in the old system, a more elaborate type of scanner had to be introduced. On-board diagnostics. With this kind of scanner, one does not go through the hustles of fixing the problem in his car as contrary to old types of scanners. The scanner gives the vehicle the ability to diagnose and report the problem to the owner.


At Y Tire Auto Repair Azusa, the owner says “that take your time to diagnoise the check engine light properly it can save the customer money now and in the long run.”


The owner gets to know the faults in the car through OBD systems. OBD works effectively by using standardized digital communication port accurate data.If there’s any fault, the Check Engine Light shows the indication How does it work? OBD collaborates with a system of sensors throughout the vehicle. The sensors include engine knock sensors, oxygen sensors, manifold sensors among others. Each sensor can send signals to the Engine Control Unit of the car. The information in the ECU is used accordingly to adjust various parts of the engine function.

Air Compressor – Despite The Availability Of Nitrogen Gas Refillers, Many Auto Shops Still Use Compressed Air Since It Is Much Cheaper.

A huge number of vehicular accidents are attributed to problems related to brakes. Due to this, you should never take brake repair for granted and should have it done the moment you start to notice issues with your car’s brakes. There are things you should know about your brakes before you take your car out of the parking lot. You can find out if it’s safe to drive your vehicle if you can drive to your brake repair company or if you should have it towed by considering the following things. Dave owner of an auto repair shop in Charlotte NC says,”Brakes are considered the mt important safety feature of any car.


The biggest problem brake repair shops face is squeaky brakes, sometimes even right after they have been worked on. A squeaky brake might not be a safety issue, but then again it may indicate a significant problem such as worn pads or shoes. In the case of normal brake operations a gel can be applied to help dampen the squeaks.


Shaking felt while braking, especially in the steering wheel, is a common problem. This makes brake performance not to be efficient as it is supposed to be. This problem will require a bit more repair work compared to a normal brake pad change.


Vibrations or pulling to one side – This can be due to any number of issues and your braking performance will be limited. Generally it is safe to drive your vehicle to a garage but perform a brake check just to be sure.


A brake light that is turned on can be a problem. Do not drive your car as this could be dangerous and a serious safety issue. Check the fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir. Verify the parking brake is fully released. If none of these is a matter of concern then it is likely to be a sensor or a leak in a brake line.


Brake light – The brake light is on because the parking brake is engaged or you have low brake fluid. Verify that your parking brake is off and that you have fluid in your brake reservoir. If you need to add fluid more than once in a short time then you have a leak somewhere in your system. Do not drive your car if it has a leak, tow it.


Mushy brake pedal – If the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor with little resistance you need to tow your vehicle to your Utah brake repair company. Do not attempt to drive or you may not be able to stop at all.


Hard brake pedal – Check to see if anything has rolled under the brake pedal. If not, have your vehicle towed, don’t chance not being able to stop.


The brake pedal is hard to push. This may sound overly simple, but check to see that nothing is under the brake pedal. If nothing is under the pedal then have your vehicle towed to the garage. The best way to prevent accidents from happening is through proper prevention. You can do this by having your brakes checked on regular basis or whenever you get a tune-up.